The flavours listed below are all available in regular sponges and other where indicated e.g. (GF) is gluten free – please note this means non gluten containing ingredients. (V) means vegan/dairy free and (E) means eggless. The standard filling is strawberry jam and buttercream for most flavours – jam is not added to some flavours.  If you require a flavour that is not listed here please advise. 

Almond (GF), (V), (E)
Chocolate (GF), (V), (E)
Chocolate Orange (GF), (V), (E)
Cinnamon ((GF), (V), (E)
Coffee (GF), (E)
Cookies & Cream  (GF), (V), (E)
Lemon & Elderflower (GF), (E)

Mango (GF) (E)
Pistachio & Cranberry (GF), (V), (E)
Red Velvet (GF), (E)
Strawberry (E)
Vanilla (GF), (V), (E)

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