The flavours listed below are all available in regular sponges and other where indicated e.g. (GF) is gluten free – please note this means non gluten containing ingredients and (E) means eggless. The standard filling is strawberry jam and buttercream for most flavours – jam is not added to some flavours.  If you require a flavour that is not listed here please advise. 

Please speak with Michelle regarding any allergens at the time of your order.

Almond (GF), (E)
Chocolate (GF), (E)
Chocolate Orange (GF), (E)
Cinnamon (GF),  (E)
Coffee (GF), (E)
Coffee Biscoff 
Coffee and walnut (GF) (E)
Cookies & Cream filling with a chocolate or vanilla sponge
Lemon (GF), (E)

Red Velvet (GF), (E)
Salted Caramel
Vanilla (GF),  (E)