Cake making is my trade and it is my living. When it comes to cake, everyone’s product, skill levels and reliability are different which is why you cannot compare like for like when it comes to cakes.  Ultimately, it will either come down to your budget and what you are prepared to spend on a cake or how much faith you have in the person making your cake. What you should be aware of is people out there quoting very low prices. This is because if they can’t fulfil your order they can’t ask another cake maker to do it for them at the price they’ve agreed with you. For example, a typical wedding cake quote could be say £300 but you’ve been quoted £120. The person doing it for £120 lets you down and can’t ask their peers in the industry to make it for £120 when they charge £300. When I owned my shop I witnessed such incidences quite a lot. You lose here.

Whilst it is tempting to ask me for a discount, it is not something I offer because I know the value of my product and workmanship. Many hours are spent discussing a design, sourcing materials, cleaning, making etc. etc. I often work for minimum wage so please don’t be offended when I say no to any discounts of my work. 


Prices are based on plain cakes with some level of decoration. Final quotes are given following a consultation about the precise design or from seeing an idea from photos.

As a guide, a 3 tier round sponge wedding cake feeding 72 starts from £270. I also offer cutting cakes that are an economical way of adding portions to your main event cake. These are usually decorated to match the cakes main colour and cut up and served. 


Please contact me for a precise quote. Most people send a photo and an idea of how many people it needs to feed. The smallest cake I do is a 6 inch cake feeding 12 people.


Cakes are cut into strips not pie pieces to achieve the portions quoted. The cake gets cut into strips 2 inches one way by 1 inch the other. As cakes are generally 3.5 inches high (unless ordering a tall cake), your individual portions are then 2x1x3.5 inches each.